Nigerian Food

nigeria food menu

Nigerian food menu

NIGERIAN MEAL TABLE Food is a very important part of our lives as humans and we need to eat to live. As a Nigerian that I am, getting the right food to eat and at the right time is always an uphill task if we are being really honest with ourselves. Right from when I …

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how to make fried rice

How to make Fried Rice

Welcome to ChowHub. Today i will like you guys to learn with me how to make Fried rice. Fried rice is one of the delicious and healthy forms of cooking rice. It is the most popular forms of rice that cuts across most of the continent.It is a dish which consists of  cooked white rice …

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how to make sharwarma

How to make Shawarma

Welcome again to ChowHub, today, we are doing something different, and I’m sure you will love it. I will try as much as possible to make this ‘How to make Shawarma‘ guide as detailed and explanatory as possible. Shawarma is a popular street food all over the world. It is a tasty dish which has …

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how to make akara

How to Make Akara

Welcome again to ChowHub, today we are learning how to do Akara. Akara is a very popular Nigerian snack, which English name is’ Fried Bean cake’ or ‘ Fried Bean fritters’. Akara is a snack that was originally discovered in Nigeria in south-west region (Yoruba land) but it has gotten to some number of West Africa Countries and it has …

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how to make moimoi

How to make moi moi

Welcome again to ChowHub, today’s kitchen guide will be on how to make moi moi, but before I proceed I invite you to see some of my previous  articles on how to make Nigerian street foods like puff puff , Shamarma and samosa. Moi moi is a typical Nigerian food. It is a steamed bean …

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