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Chinchin has been a top-ranking snack in Nigeria for decades now, it is a snack that binds the whole region of Nigeria together. This wonderful crunchy snack with a texture of a cracker and a  taste like that of a small dry cake generates a lot of discussions and has many variations to it because …


how to make samosa

How to make Samosa

Welcome to ChowHub, We are learning how to make Samosa, a small chop popular in Nigeria and other countries. Samosa is a very popular finger food that has travelled far and wide, it started its journey from Egypt to Libya, Central Asia to India. But majority of people feel samosa originated in India. The stuffed …

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how to make puff puff

How to make puff puff

Happy you’re here again! Today we are learning how to make puff puff; a popular Nigerian street food. But before I proceed. I invite you to check out our previous posts on how to make Pepper Soup, Akara, Moi Moi and other popular Nigerian foods and Soup in our detailed and carefully written kitchen guides. …

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