Ice cream is the most popular dessert or treats known on earth, Virtually everybody likes ice cream but most people buy it at the stores or supermarkets. The majority actually thinks that ice cream can only be made by the company producing it and not at home.

I am here to let you know that you can actually make your ice cream at home,   it is really easy and simple in making your own ice cream at home. Let me burst your bubbles by actually letting you know that you can make your ice cream without an ice cream maker. You can always make it in the comfort of your kitchen.

There are different ways and methods of making Ice cream: the two-ingredient method, freeze and stir method and the making of homemade ice cream in a bag(plastic bag), of all the methods mentioned earlier the two-way method is better. The two-ingredient method is more easy and faster, with this method you can make your ice cream in less than 15minutes without any stress.

There are two main ingredients used in this method which are: Heavy cream and condensed milk. Aside from this two-ingredient, you can add any flavor of your choice.  I know most people like homemade vanilla ice cream, but you can always mix flavor and colors to your ice cream.

Before I take you on the process of making ice cream, do you know that ice cream has some essential health benefits; yes! health benefits. Most people think that you eat ice cream just for fun and nothing else. Any time you dig into a bowl of ice-cream, you may feel guilty especially for those who work out or those who are watching their weight. But, after you read the following health benefits of ice cream below, you may not feel guilty again:


It is energizing: ever wondered why it is good for health, one of the reasons is because it supplies instant energy. Due to the ample amount of sugar in ice cream, it makes you energized immediately after taking it. So, any time you are very low on energy, just grab a scoop of ice cream and feel energized again.

It contains vitamins and minerals: Because of the presence of milk and milk solids in ice cream, any time you eat it, your body obtains the richness and goodness of vitamin A, vitamin D, calcium, riboflavin, and phosphorus. Aside from this, the different flavors added to the ice cream gives extra nutrition quotient to it. For example, ice cream with dark chocolate flavor is filled with flavonoids and antioxidants, which helps to lower cholesterol and improve your heart health.

It helps to boosts your immunity: You don’t have to find it strange that ice cream can actually boost your immunity. Ice cream is a type of fermented food and it has always been said that fermented food is very beneficial to our gastrointestinal and respiratory health because it improves immunity.

It strengthens your bones: Calcium is a very important mineral needed in our body to maintain our bones. Since our bodies can’t produce calcium, we need to consume foods that can supply the mineral. Ice cream which is loaded with calcium can be included in your daily diet to meet up for your calcium needs.

It helps to lose weight: This is quite contrasted to what most people actually think, studies actually show that ice cream may help you lose weight. This happens due to the fact that our body tends to lose weight when something cold is consumed. Do not sit and consume a chunk of ice cream every day and you expect to lose weight. It has to be consumed in moderation. You can check on the ice cream diet to see how you can lose weight taking ice cream in moderation.

It helps to prevent breast cancer: The lack of calcium in the body is one of the major culprits of breast cancer in women. Therefore, if want to keep deadly diseases like breast cancer far away, it is best to include foods rich in calcium to your diet and ice cream can be included. Good calcium intake helps to lower the risk of having breast cancer.


It increases your libido:

If you are looking for a way to improve your intimacy with your partner,  it is best you eat ice cream on a daily. The presence of phosphorus in ice cream helps in improving the circulation of oxygen to the tissues and also maintaining the pH balance of our body, but most importantly it helps in increasing the libido by maintaining a level in the testosterone.


-1 can(396g)  sweetened condensed milk.
– 2 cups(500ml) of  heavy cream
– 2 teaspoons vanilla extract


  • In a clean bowl, whisk together your condensed milk and vanilla extract or any flavor you desire.
  • Add in your chilled heavy cream into another bowl (a large one), then beat the cream for 5 minutes on high speed using an electric mixer.
    Beat the heavy cream till it forms a stiff peak.
  • At this junction, combine the whipped cream and the condensed milk together.Mix well and pour into a resealable container and store in your freezer for 6-8 hours.
  •  After the time given, Take out of the freezer, serve and enjoy your tasty ice cream.


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