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Today, we will learn how to boil rice.

Rice is a common food in Nigeria. It is loved by both children and adult and can eaten at anytime of the day. It is one of the sought after food at parties and festive gatherings.

Rice is rich in carbohydrate. It is an energy giving food.  we have various type of rice like the Basmati rice, the brown rice, the Nigerian rice, the parboiled long grain rice.

Boiled rice can be eaten with  any type of stew e.g chicken stew, beef stew, ofada stew, banga stew, pepper soup, fish stew, it can be eaten with sauce too.

Boiling your your rice is  an easy process, so you dont need to fret. you can boil your without using a rice cooker!!

Ingredients to be used

  • 500 g of rice ( long grain white rice)
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 0.6 L of water to cook the rice
  • 0.8 L of water to parboil the rice.


  • Place your clean rice inside your cooking pot
  • Pour in the 0.8 L  of water into the pot and place on your cooker to boil
  • You must make sure the water completely covers the rice
  • After boiling for 10 minutes, turn off the heat and transfer the rice into a big bowl
  • Add plenty of cold  water to the rice and pour into a big sieve
  • Repeat this process
  • Then leave rice to drain
  • We just successfully parboiled the rice!!
  • Rinse your cooking, add 0.6 L of water into the pot. cover and leave to boil
  • Pour the parboiled rice into the pot on fire and add salt to taste
  • After adding to the pot, check to be sure the rice is at same level with the water
  • Leave to cook on medium heat
  • When the dried, check the rice , if it is still hard, you can add a little water,reduce heat and leave to cook
  • Check again to be sure you have gotten the desired texture
  • Turn off heat and allow to cool with the lid on the pot
  • Our boiled rice is ready
  • This boiled rice can be served with any stew of your choice!!!



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