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How to make Coconut Rice

Today we will learn how to make coconut rice. You will be amazed to know that making coconut rice is not as difficult as you had thought. The preparation of coconut Rice is no different from the way we make the popular Nigerian Jollof rice.

Basically, the difference is the aroma of coconut spicing that comes with the coconut rice. Unlike other kinds of Nigerian rice delicacy, coconut rice is best prepared with real coconut milk. By this, I mean, you would have to purchase a coconut fruit, break it up and get out the edible fruit inside.

Most people prepare this delicacy with processed coconut milk or spice. However, we recommend you process the coconut milk yourself. In as much as you want to save time, you should also consider using organic ingredients for your cooking to stay healthy.

List of ingredients to be used.

3 cups of rice
1/2 cup of vegetable oil
2 litres of water
1 medium onion
3 or more big tomatoes
2 teaspoons of powdered crayfish
2 seasoning cubes
3 fresh Habanero pepper
400ml coconut milk

Before we start cooking, there are some basic things we must know.

1. You can use Basmati rice or long grain rice to prepare it.
2. Already processed coconut milk can be used or you can prepare the coconut milk yourself.
3. The coconut milk can be prepared via the following actions
a. Buy a very mature and big coconut
b. Break and de-shell the coconut.
c. Cut into pieces, rinse with water and grate with a grater
d. Squeeze out milk from the grated coconut, you can add warm water to increase the yield of the milk
e. Filter the milk and set aside in a bowl.


1. Wash onions, pepper, tomatoes. chop them.
2. Parboil the rice, wash and keep to drain.
3. Place a pot on the fire, pour vegetable oil, add chopped onions, pepper, and tomatoes. stir and fry for 10minutes
4. Add the coconut milk into the pot, add salt and seasoning to taste. also add 1cup of water or stock. stir together, cover and allow to boil. stir and taste.
5. Add in washed rice, stir and add powdered crayfish. cover and leave to cook for 30 minutes.
6. Your coconut rice is ready. you can serve it with peppered chicken, fried chicken, turkey or fish. just make your choice.

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