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Ewedu soup is popular in the western part of Nigeria, just like the Ikokore. It is a compulsory soup in most ceremonies that involves Yoruba people because it is a meal that is eaten and enjoyed by most people from the tribe!!!

Jute leaf popularly called Ewedu by the Yoruba is a green leafy vegetable that is enjoyed all around the world. It has a mucilaginous texture when cooked.  This leaf is called  Ayoyo in Hausa and Achingbara in Igbo.

The botanical name of this leaf is Corchorus Olitorius and it is consumed in cuisines of Southern Asia, The Middle East, North Africa and West Africa.

Ewedu leaf can be prepared as a soup and served with stew or it can be served with gbegiri with any choice of swallow, but the popular swallow that goes with this soup is amala.

Ewedu can also be used to make smoothies because of its numerous health benefits.

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These are some of the Health Benefit of Ewedu

      • Contains vitamin E, C and A, and these vitamins help to protect the body from diseases.
      •  Helps in the production of collagen, which is known as a skin-beautifying agent. Collagen agents help in keeping the skin beautiful and youthful.
      • It’s a good fibre source, The fibre in ewedu leaves comes handy in promoting intestinal health, good bowel movement and dealing with weight management.
      • Ewedu leaves is potent in nourishing the body as well as helping to boost the body’s immunity system.
      • They serve as a remedy for soothing stomach-related conditions such as constipation and dysentery.
      • It is potent with beta-carotene which aids good vision.
      • Ewedu’s high calcium content aids the growth of bones and teeth.
      • Nourishes the body.
      • Ewedu’s anti-ageing properties, keeps the skin looking radiant and smooth.
      • Helps in lowering the level of cholesterol in the body as well as lowering high blood pressure.
      • Good for diabetes and heart health.
      • It can aid fertility and increase sexual Libido.
      • A good laxative and blood purifier.
      • Its Vitamin A agents help improves eyesight.
      • It is believed that ewedu aids easy delivery in pregnant women.
      • It is a controller agent for  infections like gonorrhoea

Now that you have known the benefits, its time we learn HOW TO MAKE EWEDU SOUP.  Ewedu soup is very tasty and easy to prepare, follow the direction below, and thank me later.


Here are the ingredient to be used

  1.  1 big bunch of Ewedu leaves
  2.  2 cups of water
  3.  1 tablespoon of grinded crayfish
  4.  Seasoning cube( one)
  5.  2 teaspoons of locust beans( Iru)
  6.   A teaspoon of potash ( optional)


  • First of all, pick the leaves from the stalk, you only need the leaves.
  • Wash the leaves in a big bowl of water to remove hidden dirt from the leaf.
  • Pour 1 cup of water in a pot and allow to boil, add the ewedu leaves to the boiling water.
  • Leave to boil  for 8 minutes, till leave is tender
  • Lower or put off heat
  • If you are using the traditional ijabe(broom used in mashing ewedu leaves), you can start mashing the leaves continuously until you get a paste.
  • If not, allow the leaves to cool for 2 minutes, then pour it into the blender and blend till you get a paste
  • When you get a paste using any of the methods stated here, pour the content into a pot, add crayfish, locust beans, seasoning cubes and boil for 5 minutes
  • Don’t cover your pot while cooking this meal and don’t boil too much too!!!
  • Any wrong moves when preparing this meal, can stop it from drawing as it is supposed to!!
  • Your ewedu soup is ready to be served with stew or gbegiri and any choice of swallow

Video on how to make ewedu soup

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