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How to make groundnut soup

Am so excited!!!. Today, we will be learning how to make the famous groundnut soup also called peanut soup.

This soup is an important part of the African cuisine, it is also eaten in the United States( Virginia), East Asia ( Taiwan) and other parts of the world.  In Ghana, it is eaten with banku or fufu.

In Nigeria, groundnut soup also called Omisagwe is a traditional soup that hails from the Benin( Edo) people where it is usually eaten with pounded yam.

Groundnut soup is a tasty soup that is popular especially in the southern and northern areas of Nigeria. The main ingredient in making this soup is dried groundnut which is grinded into a paste,  Groundnut is a grain legume and an oil crop. Other ingredients added to this soup include meat, fish, uziza seeds, palm oil, and bitter leaf. It can be eaten with fufu, eba, wheat,semo or pounded yam.

Some people say groundnut soup is like a twin sister to egusi soup. Do you agree or do you disagree, share your opinion with us using the comment section!!!

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These are some health benefits of groundnut soup.

  • Groundnut helps in the regulation of blood sugar.
  •  Groundnut contains Vitamin B3 which help boost the memory and allow the brain to function well
  • Increases Libido in men, provides stamina to last longer in bed
  • Provides the body with vitamin E, magnesium, folate, copper, and arginine
  • The foliate found in groundnut is also good and healthy for pregnant women
  • This soup is rich in antioxidants and monounsaturated fats.
  •  Also helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Helps to lower risk of obesity or gaining unplanned weight
  • Provides the body with protein that is necessary for growth and repairs of tissues and cells
  • The bitter leaf used in this soup can act as a detoxifier.

Now that you have known the health benefit of this soup, I want you to sit tight as we learn how to make groundnut soup at home using the guidelines given below!!!


  • 1 cup of groundnut ( raw or roasted)
  • 10-15 pieces of assorted meat, ( shaki, ponmo, cow leg, the lean meat)
  • 3 dried stockfish
  • 1 cooking spoon of palm oil
  • 1 smoked fish
  • 2 tablespoons of crayfish
  • 1 handful of bitter leaf
  • 3 pepper(atarodo)
  • 8 uziza seeds
  • 2 seasoning cubes
  • salt to taste
  • 1 medium-sized onion


  • Clean meats, stockfish,  and smoked fish separately and keep aside
  • Wash the pepper and onion,  blend the peppers, chop the onion
  • Rinse  the shredded bitter leaf  thoroughly to reduce the bitter taste
  • Steam the meat, it is good to start with the stronger meat like the shaki, cow leg, ponmo.
  • Add 1 seasoning cube and salt and allow to cook in ints juice foe 10 minutes.
  • Then add enough water to cover the meat, 1 seasoning cube and leave to boil till slightly tender
  • Now add the softer meat( lean meat) add the stockfish, blended pepper and 1 spoon of crayfish and boil till all is soft
  • The next step is to make the groundnut paste, while the meat is boiling.
  • If you are using roasted groundnut just peel the shell, if its raw groundnut, remove the shell and roast on medium heat for 7 minutes.
  •  Pour the roasted groundnut into a blender and blend till it is smooth
  • Take 2 cooking spoons of stock from the pot and add into the groundnut, add the uziza seeds and crayfish and blend till you have a fine thick paste and set aside
  • Check the meat and add the smoked fish. check if the stock is up to the level of the meat, if not, add water
  • Add palm oil now and leave to boil together for 7 minutes
  • Do not add too much palm oil because the groundnut already has high oil content
  • As the stock is boiling, add the groundnut paste gradually, bits by bits and add 1 seasoning cubes, taste for salt.
  • Stir the soup and combine all the content
  • Leave to cook for 8 minutes
  • Then add the bitter leaf, do not use too much bitter leaf
  • Stir and leave to cook for 3 minutes
  • Put off  heat and allow to cool for 3 minutes
  • Your tasty groundnut soup ( Omisagwe)  is ready
  • This delicious soup can be served with boiled rice, or with any choice of swallow like eba, fufu, semo, wheat, pounded yam

Video on How to make groundnut soup

We are confident that you have learned how to make groundnut soup. Do well to share your experiences with us, check for other popular Nigerian soup like the okro soup, ogbono soup ,  bitter leaf soup, and edikaikong soup.  Invite friends and family too. Cheers!!

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