How to make Kunu

Today, I will show you how to make Kunu but before i proceed I welcome you to read my previous kitchen guides on the health benefits of groundnuts.

Kunu is popularly known as kunuzaki. The drink is a common drink that is consumed all across Nigeria, mostly by the northerners. It is also called various names such as kunnu, kununzaki etc. commonly made from grains such as millet, rice, sorghum or maize.

Due to the fact that it is grain based it belongs to the member of the Horchata family. Since you can use different grain to prepare this drink, there are different names you can call the drink.

 Types of Kunu

For example, the drink made out of rice is called Kunu gyada. The one made out of millet or sorghum is called Kunu zaki. There is also a particular type of kunu which is made out of tiger nuts and it is called kunu haya.

There are other kunu drinks but some of their main ingredient are not known this includes: Kunun akamu from maize, Kunun tsamiya, Kunun baule, Kunun jiko Amshau,  Kunun gayamba

The kunu drink made out of sorghum is milky light brown in color while the drink made out of maize and millet is whitish in color.

how to make kunu aya

Kunu drink is a non- alcoholic beverage made from grains, herbs and spices such as cloves, ginger, chilies (optional), African Negro pepper.

Sweet potatoes, Malted rice can also be added to it for a malted sensation and taste.

This drink is best consumed and enjoyed in an hot afternoon. Kunu drink is a very revitalizing and nourishing drink but kunu made through the traditional process has a short life therefore, it requires preservatives to extend its shelf life and gives it high quality.

The main raw materials used in making this drink (Sorghum, millet or a combination of the two) are available in commercial quantities in any part of Nigeria, especially the  in the Northern region.


Kunnu has a lot of health benefits which people are not even aware of, these benefits are all because of the ingredients used in making this delicious drink.

  • Kunu in pregnancy

The drink has a substantial health benefits for pregnant women. This is because of the presence of ginger which is the magic ingredient in it and a super food. Ginger increases the blood circulation of the body which is very good for the baby so that it can have the standard level of blood supply.

It also helps pregnant women to settle their stomach and help reduce nausea (which is a common factor in pregnant women. The ginger in kunn u drink also helps to aid digestion in pregnant women.

  • Kunu drink boosts sperm count

The sweet potato used is very high in vitamin C. Sweet potato is filled with vitamin C. In one large sweet potato, you can get up to 35.3g of vitamin C. This is very good if you want an increase in your sperm. According to some studies, it was reported that vitamin C is an antioxidant that has the power to deactivate sperm- busting free radicals.

Vitamin C has a lot advantages which include reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, risk of cancer and eye problem.

  • It helps you lose weight

The high content of protein helps to lose weight when millet is used. Your daily protein requirement is met without eating meat.

  • Prevent chronic inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Reduce the risk of having diabetes
  • Kunu is good for women who have reached their menopause stage because it helps them to relax their muscles.


I will be making this version of kunu with millet and you will need the following:

3 cups of millet

1 medium-sized potato

2 rhizome of ginger

1 tbsp. of cloves

Sugar to taste



  • Clean millet grain from pointless elements such as stones
  • Pour water into a bowl. Add your millets, if any stone is left, they will remain at the bottom of the bowl.
  • Pour the millets with water carefully to another bowl, leaving residues on the bottom.
  • Leave the millet inside a bowl with chill water overnight.
  • Chop the cloves, ginger and sweet potato and set aside
  • Put the soaked millets, chopped ginger, sweet potato and cloves into a blender. Blend it together till it turns to a fine paste.
  • Blend the ingredient smoothly, divide the fine paste into two equal parts.
  • Boil about 200ml of water, add it to one of the separated paste. Stir continuously then let it chill for some time.
  • Now take the second part of the separated paste, add little water and make sure it is a little bit watery. stir thoroughly and leave overnight.
  • When it is morning, take the two separated paste. Sieve both in a bowl and add your sugar to your taste.
  •  Your kunu drink is ready, it is best to serve the drink chilled, so make sure you keep your drink in the fridge before drinking it.

We hope you din this guide on how to make kunu useful? Don’t forget to tell us how your Kunu is in the comment section. We also invite you see our Nigerian soup recipes that etaches how to cook popular Nigerian soup like Egusi soup, Oha soup, Efo rio, Ogbono, Banga soup etc.

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