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Masa is one meal that took me time to eat when I stayed in the north because of how it looked like but after eating it, I vowed to always eat anytime I see it on the street.

Unfortunately, ever since I came to Lagos it has been to difficult to find it on the street. I had no choice but to learn it from my Hausa neighbor and ever since then have been making masa at the comfort of my kitchen. I hope at the end of this article you will also know how to make masa.

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Masa is a popular food that hails from the northern region of Nigeria (The Hausas) and you will find this dish at every corner of the street. It is also known as Waina.

Waina in English means fried cake made with rice, millet, corn e.t.c. This dish is popularly known as Masa Bauchi because of the state in which it came from; even if you travel far across different states it still retains the name.

This dish is made out of fermented rice batter, but some people claim that you can also use fermented corn, sorghum or even millet. There is a special pan used in making masa which has about 6 round slots.

In Hausaland, masa is usually served at ceremonies and also during their festive periods, it is also eaten as a meal for breakfast. It is also eaten as a snack or appertizer.

There are two types of masa; the one prepared with sugar and the other prepared without sugar. The one made without sugar is usually eaten with masa soup known as Miyan taushe or groundnut soup.

The type of rice used in making masa is jasmine rice but you can get it in the market by telling them you want the rice used for Tuwo Shinkafa.


  • 31/2 cups of jasmine rice or Tuwo shinkafa
  • 31/2 tsp of cooked rice
  • 2 tsp of active dry yeast
  • 1 tsp. of baking powder (optional)
  • 4 tbsp. of sugar or honey
  • A pinch of salt
  • 2 tbsp of flour ( optional)
  • Vegetable oil ( This is used to oil the masa frying pan)


  • Soak the jasmine rice for 9 hours or more but it is best to soak it overnight.
  • When you notice a whitish form on top of the water, then this indicates that fermentation has occurred.
  • Blend raw rice with the fermented water till it becomes smooth.
  • Add the cooked and sugar to the fermented rice and blend till you get a smooth paste.
  • Pour the batter into a mixing bowl, add in the flour and baking soda and mix properly before adding the yeast.

N.B– The little flour used is just to make sure the yeast an agent to act on. This will give the masa a very good fluffy texture.

  • Allow the batter to rise for about 4-5 hours.
  • Mix the batter properly, oil the masa pan and fill in the slots.
  • Fry in batches until slightly golden brown.
  • Your masa is ready. You can enjoy it as a breakfast meal with egg stew or eaten as a snack with a chilled zobo drink.


I hope you have to learn a lot from this article on how to make masa and i also hope you will be adding this recipe to your kitchen. Don’t forget to also share, comment and like this article. You can also check our other articles on how to make moimoi, ukwa and akara.

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