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Nkwobi is a popular Nigerian delicacy which is mostly eaten at restaurants and bars. This article is here to help know how to make Nkwobi at the comfort of your home.

Nkwobi is a special traditional food which hails from Igboland, it usually served as a side dish or dessert. Sometimes, it is being considered as an evening meal because it is mostly eaten at the end of a day’s work when you just want to relax and enjoy yourself.

This delicious meal is prepared with cow meat(leg, lips, nose, tail, ear) spiced with palm oil sauce, other local ingredients and garnished with utazi leaves and onion rings.

The preparation is similar to that of Isi ewu that is why they are considered to be sisters. Goat meat can be used in preparing Nkwobi.

In time past, Nkwobi was only served in bars and joints in Igboland but now it has extended to other part of the country and also gained a lot of popularity.

It is best served traditionally with a small mortar known as okwa or a wooden plate; it is best enjoyed with fresh raffia palm wine or any other drink of your choice.

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  • Nkwobi is described as a meal that is good for maintaining strong bones and preventing bone loss due to arthritis.
  • It helps women recover from blood loss through menstruation of child delivery.
  • It helps children for maximum growth and development.
  • The fibre content in the vegetable used helps in preventing and fighting certain diseases.
  • It helps with the easy circulation of blood in the body.


  • 1kg cow foot (cut into bite-able sizes)
  • l/2 cup of Palm Oil
  • 1 tsp. of ground calabash nutmeg (Ehuru)
  • 1 edible potash
  • 2 Tbsp. of ground crayfish
  • Grounded scotch bonnet/dry pepper
  • 1 medium-sized onion (for cooking the cow feet)
  • 2  seasoning cubes
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 medium-sized onion(cut into rings for garnishing)
  • 6 Utazi leaves ( sliced for garnishing)


  • Remove the hoof of the cow feet, cut into chunks and wash the meat properly.
  • Place the washed meat in a pot and one seasoning cube, salt, chopped onions and add water enough to cook the meat. Boil the meat until it is ready.
  • While still cooking your meat, pound the edible potash into powdery form, add little water to it to dissolve it.
  • Using a sieve, strain the mixture and keep the potash liquid to be used later.
  • Pour palm oil into a pot, add in the potash liquid and begin to stir till the red palm oil thickens and turns to yellow.
  • At this junction, add in the grounded pepper, ehuru, crayfish and the other seasoning cube. Mix the ingredients with the palm oil mixture very well.
  • Pour the cooked cow meat into the palm oil and stir vigorously till the cow feet is totally covered with oil mixture.
  • Place the pot with the meat mixture back on heat. Stir the mixture continuously in order to prevent the meat from burning. Stir the meat till the heat is enough for the meat
  • The nkwobi is ready, transfer the meat into the small mortar(okwa)
  • Garnish the dish some Utazi leaves and onion rings.
  • Nkwobi is best enjoyed with palm wine but in the absence of it, you can take chilled chapman, ginger drink or zobo drink.


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