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Ogi which is also known as Akamu is a fermented cereal pudding which is made or gotten from maize, millet or sorghum. This article is to teach you how to make ogi from scratch.

It is made traditionally by soaking the grains in water for 3-4 days then you proceed by wet milling then you sieve to remove husks. After filtering the cereal, you have to allow it to ferment for close to 3days until it becomes sour.

At the end of the whole process, all you need to do is to boil it into pap. It is not only popular in Nigeria but also consumed in countries like Kenya where it is known as uji and also in Cameroun.

Facts On akamu

In most homes, it is mainly taken for breakfast but few people like taking it any time of the day. Another great thing about akamu is that it is one of the meals recommended for babies growth( It can be introduced as early as 4 months or at most 6 months) because of the nutritional facts and also helps in raising healthy children.

Despite the fact that akamu is loved by a lot of homes, most people do not know how to make it from scratch and for those who are interested, they find it hard to through the process of making it.

It is however advised, that you make ogi from scratch yourself instead of buying the raw ones from street sellers because it requires a lot of water when making it, and you really do not know how hygienic the water used by the seller is.

When making the raw ogi, some people add some spices for ogi like ginger, garlic, cloves, black pepper e.t.c. This spices will enhance the taste and nutritional value.

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Health Benefits

  • It reduces the risk of having blood pressure because it contains high potassium and no sodium content.
  • It is very easy to digest: It makes the digestive system stress free, it also enhances the passing out of unwanted substances in the body through urine.
  • Helps in replacing lost body fluid because it has high water content.
  • 100% natural: This means that it retains its nutrients after processing.
  • Increases the breast milk for nursing mothers
  • A good source of energy: It is high in carbohydrate which is highly recommended for athletes.

How To Make Ogi From Scratch


2kg of dry corn

Lots of waters


Chiffon cloth(For sieving)

Big bowls

Process Of Making Ogi

  • Wash the dry corn completely and soak in a large quantity of water for 3- 4 days. Make sure you don’t refrigerate it because it will prevent some fermentation from taking place.
  • Change the water daily and wash the corn.
  • At the end of the third or fourth day, wash the corn and mill it. Before milling, bite the corn in order to be sure that it is soft enough, if it is not soft enough then allow it to soak for 1 more day. It is best you mill it with those with heavy-duty grinders.
  • After milling, spread the chiffon cloth on the big bowl.
  • Sieve your milled corn, rinse as much as possible till you are left with only the shaft. I will advise that you rinse in small quantities in order to prevent the work from being cumbersome.
  • When you are through, remove the chiffon cloth and let the mixture of ogi and water to rest for about three hours. When the mixture has spent up to three hours, you will notice clear water at the top of the ogi, decant the clear water and keep the remaining ogi in a cheesecloth. Tie the cloth in such a way that all the water drain from the ogi.
  • When the water is drained off make the cheesecloth tighter to drain any form of water left in it. You can repeat the process as more as possible until you are sure that no water is left to be drained.
How To Make Ogi
Summary of the process of making ogi in a picture
  • Leave the ogi inside the bag overnight in order to give it a sour taste ( Do not refrigerate it). After the next day, take the ogi out of the bag, put in a covered bowl and place in the freezer, then you can take out of it when you are ready to use.
  • If you don’t have a freezer, you can leave it in a covered bucket and just add water to cover the ogi.

N.B- Ensure the water is changed regularly to avoid the ogi from getting spoilt.

How To Make Ogi

How To Make Ogi
  • Your ogi is ready to be prepared, just boil the water, mix the ogi with ordinary water and get a smooth paste.
  • Pour the boiled water into the ogi paste and your ogi is ready.
  • You can serve with Akara, moimoi, ojojo etc.


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