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You are welcome to another day of learning delicious recipes of food, but this time will be talking on how to make Ojojo. I know the name sounds funny but I bet it is one of the food you will want to include in your kitchen.

Ojojo hails from the Ijebu people in the southwest region of Nigeria. It is called yam fritters in English. It is made from water yam that is why it is regarded as the sister to Ikokore( which is also made with water yam but in porridge form).

Unlike Ikokore, ojojo is prepared by grating the water yam then frying it. Sometimes, it is referred to as Water Yam Akara because it is prepared in the same way with Akara.

Ojojo can only be called a complete meal when it is served with Eko(Agidi), Pap, Custard or even Garri. The use of water yam as the main ingredient for this dish makes it a nutritious meal.

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  • Water yam contains antioxidants which help in slowing down the ageing process.
  • Helps in regulating the blood sugar which very good for diabetic patients.
  • It also helps in reducing blood pressure levels.
  • Helps in balancing the hormonal disorders and also regulating menses.
  • Good for lowering effect on blood cholesterol in the body.
  • The fibre content in it helps to improve the digestive health and also treatments for constipation and pile.
  • It contains anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the risk of having chronic diseases.


1 Tuber of water yam

3 pieces of habanero pepper(chopped)

1 Medium -Sized Onion(chopped)

2 Tbsp. of Grounded Crayfish

2 Cloves Of Garlic

1 Seasoning Cube

Salt to taste.


1. Slice the yam and peel the skin then cut into chunks and put into clean water.

2. Take a grater and grate the yam into a smooth fine texture. Do not add water.

3. Add the chopped habanero pepper, onions, garlic, seasoning cube and salt.

4. Pour enough vegetable oil in a frying pan

5. At this junction, mix the water yam paste and other ingredients with your hand.

6. Now, heat the vegetable oil on medium heat for about 6minutes

7. Scoop water yam mix with the spoon or hand into the hot vegetable oil and fry for about 5 minutes.

8. The ojojo will sink to the bottom of the frying pan at first and then later rise to the surface while frying.

9. When frying, make the two sides fry evenly before flipping to the other side.

10. When the two sides is light brown then your ojojo is ready.

11. Remove the yam fritters and place in a kitchen towel to remove excess oil.

12. Repeat all the steps mentioned above till you all the water yam mix.

13. The ojojo or yam fritters are ready to be served.

14. It is best enjoyed while hot.


I hope you learned a lot from this post on how to make ojojo and just as I said earlier at the beginning of this post, I hope you will be adding this food to your kitchen recipes.

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