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How to make pepper soup

Today, we are leaning a new popular Nigerian soup. In this how to make Pepper soup guide you will learn how to spice up your pepper soup with assorted assorted catfish, intestine, beef and what have you.

Pepper soup is very popular soup in the West Africa region; it is a very spicy soup which is very light and watery in texture.  It is consumed because it is considered to be delicacy, an appetizer or even as a refreshing soup; but some consume it for medicinal purposes.

The major ingredient in making it is the pepper soup spice which is made up of calabar nutmeg, negro seeds (uda seeds), alligator pepper (ulima/atariko),water, scotch bonnet, onions, scent leaves, and the secondary ingredients can be any meats of your choice which can be: beef, goat meat, assorted meat or fish.

It can be sometimes served with white rice, boiled tubers (especially yam).

Pepper soup is a good spicy soup and it is best consumed with a chilled soft drink or bottle of beer; this is why you will find this delicous soup at most leisure spot or pubs.

It is served as an appetizer at gatherings or even parties; they call it party pleaser or something taken to awaken the taste buds or put someone in an insatiable mood.

Pepper soup is rich in nutrients such as: Carbohydrates, protein, fat, fiber, folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, pyridoxine, thiamin, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, sodium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus etc.

Do you know that pepper soup is very healthy dish regardless of any kind of ingredients used chose to use in preparing it? But let’s take a look at the major health benefits of pepper soup.

how to make pepper soup

Health benefits of pepper soup

  • It aids weight loss: Pepper soup is a good food for losing weight. Due to the fact that it contains a lot of pepper, this causes you to drink a lot of water and in turn helps you eat less, which causes you to lose weight. The spicy flavor in the pepper used helps to burn fat by activating an upsurge in the body temperature, this makes the fat in the body burns and it is expelled through sweat.
  • It is very good for the heart: Pepper soup is very good for the heart because it regulates the heart rates and the functioning. The presence of potassium in the food helps to control the heart rate.
  • Helps you maintain a healthy skin: Pepper soup is also beneficial in the world of beauty; it helps you maintain a healthy skin, prevents the appearance of vitiligo. Vitiligo causes the skin to have abnormal pigmentation.
  • It helps to awakening your appetite: Pepper soup is good for awakening one’s appetite .It helps those who are finding it hard to eat. This is recommended especially for kids who need a lot nutrient to grow.
  • It helps the respiratory system: Pepper soup can be taken as a natural remedy to cure colds, cough and any other respiratory issues. The presence of pepper in it provides warmth for the body which makes the respiratory system relaxed.
  • It helps women after child bearing: Pepper is very good for new moms because it helps in the secretion of breast milk.
  • Dental care: The calabash nutmeg used in making the pepper soup spice helps us to have good teeth. According to studies, calabash nutmeg was used in the past to treat toothache. Pepper also prevents our teeth from having cavities and improves our dental health.
  • I hope with these few health benefits points; you will now have reasons to take it if you have not being taking it before. It is a very simple and easy dish to prepare so don’t be troubled if you think you are going to stress yourself.


15 – 20 small cuts of assorted meat/beef (You can choose to use any other meat or fish).

N.B: If you are using fish it is best to use Tilapia or catfish)

8- 10 small cuts of ponmo/cow skin

5-7 pieces of scotch bonnet

Ground pepper soup spice (negro pepper, alligator pepper and calabash nutmeg)

1 handful of sliced scent leaves or uziza leaves

2 tsps. Of cayenne pepper optional

1 medium-sized onion

8- 10 cups of water

2 tsp. of ground crayfish

2 seasoning cubes

Salt to taste


We have to make our pepper soup spice before we start cooking.  You will need:

6 – 9 pieces of Calabash nutmeg

7 pieces of Negro pepper (Uda seeds)

1 tbsp. of alligator pepper (Ulima/Atariko)

Steps to make the spice

Roast your calabash nutmeg in a frying pan till it starts turning dark brown and you can perceive the aroma. Remove from heat and gradually peel off the outer skin and bring out the seed inside.

At this moment, put the Calabash nutmeg, Negro pepper (Uda seeds) and Alligator pepper in a blender, and grind till you get a fine powder.

This makes about 3 Tbsp. of pepper soup spice, store in an air tight container.


Wash and cut your assorted meat and ponmo into small pieces

Blend your scotch bonnet/habanero and onions then and pour into a small bowl.

Put the cut meats into a pot, chop half of the onion and add the seasoning cubes and salt. Let it boil for about 15- 20 minutes.

After the meat and ponmo is boiled, pour it into a sieve and allow the stock to drain into a bowl.

Pour the meats into a pot, add the blended scotch bonnet and allow to cook for 10 minutes.

Add in the ground pepper soup spice, lower the heat of your burner and let it cook for about 10 – 15 minutes. This will make the meats season properly.

Add the ground crayfish and vegetable oil and leave to boil for another 2 minutes.

Re-season with salt and seasoning cubes to taste if need be.

Add the chopped vegetables (Scent leaves or uziza) into the boiling soup. Stir the soup well till the vegetables turns to a dark green color.

Your delicious soup is ready to be served.

You can enjoy your pepper soup with white rice, boiled plantain, boiled yam, agidi etc.

N.B: You can use this same method to prepare your Catfish pepper soup.



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