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How to make plantain chips

Welcome Everyone to another time of learning.

Today we will learn how to make crispy plantain chips.

Plantain chips is a top ranking- snack in Nigeria. It is eaten and enjoyed by the young, middle age, elderly and old. It is sometimes called Kpekere in the western part of Nigeria. You can even get addicted to it..

It is made with either ripe or unripe plantains. I personally prefer using unripe plantain when preparing this snack.

Plantain chips is also eaten in other part of the world. In India, plantain chips is part of the traditional Kerala meal called Sadya which is served during weddings and festivals.

Yes, you can make it at home and eat for as long as  you want!!!

These are the ingredient to be used when making this snack

1. 6 unripe plantain
2. Vegetable oil
3. Salt
4. Dry pepper (optional)

There are few things i would like us to know before we start frying

1. Do not use overripe plantain, it will make it chewy , and we want it crunchy
2. The vegetable should not be too hot to avoid burning the chips. you can use between 350 to 375 degrees F.


1. Wash the plantains with clean water before peeling the skin.
2. Slice the plantains using a sharp knife or a vegetable slicer. you can season with salt and dry pepper now or you can leave it till after frying
3. Heat the oil until you get the right temperature, test the oil by tossing one or more slice of plantain into the oil, if the plantain darkens too quickly, then maybe oil is too hot, reduce heat, if the plantain takes long to bubble, the oil is not hot enough, increase heat a little.
4. When you get the right temperature, add the sliced plantain bit by bit. and fry until they look crispy and dry.
5. Transfer the chips into into a sieve. you can season now with salt and pepper to taste.
6. Spread out the plantain chips on tissue paper to absorb the excess oil.
7. Allow the chips to cool completely.
8. Your plantain chip is ready for munching. You can store in air-tight container for future purposes.

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