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Today’s article is on how to make plantain porridge. We know you love the meal that’s why we decided to do a post about it.

Most people just eat plantain as chips or dodo, but we have other exciting ways of cooking and enjoying plantain!

Plantain porridge is one of the varying methods of preparing plantain.

This meal is not very popular, but it is rich and highly recommended by Medical practitioners.

Plantain porridge is sometimes  called  Kekefie,  which is a meal that originates from the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Kekefie is made with unripe plantain and other ingredients, you dont add or use ripe plantain.

But the porridge we are discussing can be made with ripe or unripe plantain, you can even do a combination of both especially if you want your kid to enjoy it and ask for more!! This dish is very nutritious and tasty too.

You can add your choice of  protein like ( fish, meat)  and Vegetable like scent leaf, Spinach, Pumpkin leaf.

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These are some health benefit of plantain porridge

  • Rich source of Fiber, which promotes bowel movement and prevents constipation
  • Contains Vitamin C, an antioxidant that protect the body against free radical damage
  • Helps to build up the immune system
  • Presence of Vitamin A  which is an antioxidant and helps to enhance skin colour.
  • Can serve as an energy giving food
  •  It can be added to a weight loss meal
  •  A good choice for diabetic patient and people seeking to reduce blood sugar
  • Also provides the body with minerals like magnesium, iron and phosphorus
  • Lastly,  the high amount of potassium found in plantain is also essential for heamostatis ( maintaining body fliuds and cells)


Here is a list of ingredient to be used.

  • 5 Unripe plantains
  • 1 ripe plantain
  •  4 pieces of pepper
  • Smoked fish/ dry fish
  •  Two cooking spoon of palm oil
  • Onion
  • 3 tablespoon of grinded crayfish
  • Three cups of chicken or beef stock 
  • A handful of vegetable ( Ugu, Spinach, Scent leaf)
  • Seasoning cubes
  • Salt


  •  First off all, wash and peel the plantains to be used.
  • Cut the plantains ( unripe and ripe ) seperately into smaller bits
  •  Also, blend the peppers, chop the onion.
  • Clean the fish to be used, wash the vegetable and slice into bits
  • Place a clean pot on fire, pour the unripe plantain into the pot, add the stock, onion, pepper, fish,crayfish, 1 seasoning cube.
  • Allow the stock or water to get to the level of the plantain.
  • Cover and leave to cook for 1o minutes
  • Futhermore, add the ripe plantain, salt and palm oil
  • Leave to boil until the plantain is cooked
  • Stir the food, taste and adjust if neccesary
  • Finally, add the vegetables, put off heat and combine thoroughly
  • Allow  the food to cool
  • Your tasty meal is ready to be served

Video on how to make plantain Porridge

Certainly, you have learnt how to make Plantain Porridge, we welcome you to check for other popular Nigerian Foods on our blog, share your cooking experience and testimonies with us, ask questions. Most Noteworthy, like, share and invite families and friends.


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