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How to make puff puff

Happy you’re here again! Today we are learning how to make puff puff; a popular Nigerian street food. But before I proceed.

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So let’s Begin! Puff puff is a bread-like mixture or dough based snack which originated from West Africa. Countries like Nigeria, Sierra leone, Liberia,Sudan, Cameroon and Ghana are known for making puff-puff.

Though we can’t tell which of these countries it originated from,but these countries still contest on who has the best recipe.

It is called puff puff in Sierra leone and Nigeria, Anglophone in Cameroon, bofrot in Ghana, mikate in Congo, it is also sometimes called beinye in Cameroon, ligemat in Sudan, kala in Liberia.

Some countries in the eastern and southern parts in Africa also eat it and they call it mandazi. Puffpuff is also made by the French and it is called Les Beignets.

The major ingredients of Puffpuff dough are flour, sugar, yeast and water and it is deep fried in vegetable oil. Though, It can be made with numerous other ingredients. They include cinnamon, nutmeg, eggs, milk, coconut, eggs, habanero (to make it spicy),ginger and chocolate etc.

Though some people substitute the yeast for baking powder but yeast is the best. It can be consumed plain, or with any other additional spice (it can be rolled in cinnamon sugar) or food. For example, Cameroonians enjoy it with coffee, beans and any other beverage.

The following tips will help you get the perfect dough:

  • A perfect Puff Puff exterior must be golden brown after being fried. It should never be blackish in color.
  • The interior must very airy.
  • You must avoid a thick and dense interior puff puff and this can be achieved by using the right ratio of flour and water.
  • You must allow the batter rise in a warm place for a significant amount of time. This will improve the taste and texture puff puff.
  • It must not be too sweet. Puff Puff should be a little bit sweet, more or less a bread-like kind of sweetness.
  • It must be round in shape.

Puff Puff could be consumed in a diversity of ways which are either savory or sweet. In Cameroon, it is normally eaten with pap ( a porridge made out of maize),fried beans.

It can also be dipped in pepper sauce and eaten has an   appetizer or snack. You may sprinkle Icing sugar on  the top for sweeter experience. It can also be eaten has dessert when dipped in chocolate glaze.

In Nigeria, puff puff is a street snack and you will find people hawking it very early in the morning because puff puff is best enjoyed as a breakfast snack.

It is consumed by both the young and old. It is served along spring roll, samosa as small chops in Nigeria parties, any party without it is not a complete party. Peppered puff puff is another variety of puff puff in Nigeria and the taste is like heaven with a bit of spice in it, it is best enjoyed with cold drinks.

How to make puff puff


The recipe below for making Nigeria puff-puff is not standard for making any type of puff puff. It all depends on what you want to achieve.

  • 500g of flour
  • 100g of sugar
  • 1tbsp of instant yeast
  • ½ tsp of nutmeg
  • 2 cups of water (add water till you get the right consistency)
  • Pinch of salt
  • Vegetable for frying.


  • Dissolve the yeast in a warm water to test the potency and set aside
  • Pour the flour, nutmeg, sugar, salt and yeast mixture (make sure you mix the salt very well with the other powdery substance before adding the yeast mixture).
  • Add water, little by little and mix very well. You can mix the puff puff mixture with a flat wooden spoon or you can use your hand, it depends on what is convenient for you. Mix the mixture for about 8-10 minutes or until you can’t find any lump in it and your batter is looking smooth, but make sure it doesn’t become watery.
  • After you are through with the mixing, cover the bowl tightly with a clean dry cloth and leave to rise for about 15- 20minutes
  • You will see some air bubbles on the mixture when it is ready to be fried and the batter would have doubled in size.
  • Heat up some oil in a deep pan, or you can use a deep fryer (just make sure you set the temperature to 170°C so that your puffpuff will not be half done)
  • If you are using a deep pan, you have to do an oil test by dropping little batter into the oil. The oil is ready for frying if the puffpuff rises to the top.
  • Scoop the batter by using the palm of your hand and drop into the hot oil by squeezing it in between thumb and fore finger or you can use puffpuff batter dispenser.
  • Don’t leave a lot of space in the pan so that the puffpuff will not be turning to the other when one side is still half fried.
  • When the base of the puffpuff is golden brown, flip the puffpuff ball so that the top part will be fried too. Transfer the puffpuff when the two sides are brown on a kitchen paper towel.
  • Enjoy your puffpuff.

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