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How to make semovita

Today’s post is on how to make semovita also called semo. We invite you to check our blog on how to make pounded yam and poundo yam.

Semo is a popular Nigerian swallow eaten by most tribes in the country and it goes well with any delicious Nigerian soup. Other Nigerian swallow include eba, amala, fufu, pounded yam etc

This swallow is made from semolina, made from durum wheat. Semovita is a brand of semolina. It goes by the name semo!!! The flour is bought from the market and it is used to make semovita.

It is a popular alternative to eba, pounded yam and fufu. and it can be gotten in restaurants and big eateries. Semo is served in parties and ceremonies around the company.

Semovita is usually fortified with vitamins and they are rich in selected nutrients, follow through as you learn how to make semovita, from the comfort of your home.

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Health benefit

  • High in protein and fibre
  • Provides the body with thiamine and folate, important vitamins
  • Good source of magnesium and iron essential for the body.
  • Great choice of food if you are on a weight loss plan
  • Helps to protect the heart and keep it healthy
  • Promotes easy bowel movement and reduce risks of constipation
  • Also helps to lower blood sugar level
  • Energy giving food
  • Contains potassium which improves kidney’s function
  • Selenium present in semo strengthens the immune system
  • Semovita is good for the skin and contains calcium.


  • 2 cups of semovita flour ( any brand of choice)
  • 3 cups of water


  • First of all, Pour 2 cups of water into a clean pot and set on fire
  • In a clean bowl, pour 1/2 cup of water and add 1/2 cup of semovita from the 2 cups
  • Stir continuously with a wooden spatula until you get a smooth consistency
  • By now, the water should be boiling, pour the contents of the bowl inside the pot and stir together
  • Continue to stir until it starts boiling, then add the remaining 1 1/2 cup of semo into the pot, don’t stop stirring!!!
  • Stir together until you get a smooth and firm semo
  • After 2 minutes put off the heat.
  • Finally, the semo is ready to be served
  • This food is best enjoyed with a delicious Nigerian soup like edikiakong soup

Video on how to make semovita

We are happy you have learnt how to make semovita, do not forget to like, share and invite families and friends. Above all, continue to check our blog for other tasty Nigerian food like Owo soup, cabbage swallow, coconut rice, edikiakong soup etc.

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