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Food is a very important part of our lives as humans and we need to eat to live. As a Nigerian that I am, getting the right food to eat and at the right time is always an uphill task if we are being really honest with ourselves.

Right from when I was a child, I have seen my mum come up with different Nigerian meal time table for us to use in the house, being loyal to it has always been an issue due to lack of time for preparations.

Time is really a major issue here, because it seems like everyone is busy and always has something to do at every point of the day.

From mothers who are majorly in charge of cooking in the house for the whole family, it’s advisable that mothers come up with a family time table that would be okay with the people in the house, considering the ages of your children, different allergies that they might also have and also, their eating patterns.

Some kids do not really like to eat some types of food, and they end up eating the same kind almost every time, and this is not advisable for growing children.

Using a food time table for families would help to enable you prepare the food in different kind of ways with different toppings so the child can get enough nutrients.

Asides mothers, many bachelors and even students tend to eat the same food over and over again, especially this rice that is present in any daily food time table for students and the single adults.

I was once a Nigerian student, so I can boldly say they need a food time table for a Nigerian student, because the food we eat has a way of telling on our mental sharpness. Nutrients and Vitamins are not a joke at all, and they all have their various roles that they play.

nigeria food menu

For Bachelors or spinsters, who stay alone or with a friend, it is advisable to create a Nigerian food time table for a week, to avoid the idea of getting bored with what’s on the menu.

If you stay alone and cook for yourself only, there is a very high probability of eating according to one’s mood or basically, just how you feel like. So making a plan for a whole month, might bore you along the way as our Nigerian food menu do not really have so many varieties as it is.

As you grow older in age, there are some certain types of food that you need to take more often and others, in lesser quantity. So it is always advisable to make a Nigerian food time table for adults if you have elderly people in the home so they can very well get all the necessary nutrients that they need to keep their bones strong and their skin smooth.

Asides from the meals that we even eat at home, when we go out to eat in food restaurants, they give you a nigerian food menu list and most of the time, it feels like the spice of healthy variety isn’t felt at all just like a typical Nigerian food menu.

Eating out a lot has also been observed to cause weight gain, because fatty foods are also very common in restaurants and eateries. So, for someone who is on the fat side, it is advisable for you to make a nigerian food time table for fast weight loss to enable proper diets that would help your goal to lose some weight.

As studies have shown, we really need to be mindful about the meals we eat for dinner, as they have a long way to go as regards putting on some weight. Following a Nigerian dishes for dinner guide would be really helpful to ensure light Nigerian meals for dinner.

Just like how some people are fat and want to shed down some kg/body weight, there are others who want to add some flesh because they look really skinny and do not like it.

Body type is a very tricky topic, some are purely genetics and it’s probably an inherited characteristic, but everything can definitely be controlled to an extent. It would be advisable for such skinny body type to use a nigerian food time table for weight gain so he/she can also achieve the wanted aim.

Planning your food menu is a very important step because it will help you save a whole lot of time and even stress. So, after considering all the factors that come with living in Nigeria, below is what I have come up with, using different Nigerian food menu to develop this brilliant Nigerian food time table that you can follow on a weekly basis. Enjoy!!!

7 Days Nigerian Food Timetable

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Sunday Akara (fried bean cake) and Pap Sunday Roast (whole chicken, a big slab of beef, leg of lamb, joint of ham, goose) and Vegetables Peppersoup (fish/meat) and bread
Monday Cereals (granola, wheat bran, fruit and nuts) and skimmed milk/low fat yoghurt Jollof rice – with your choice of protein e.g boiled eggs, fish, chicken or meat Moi – Moi (steamed savoury bean pudding)
Tuesday Oats + honey and warmed milk with a drop of vanilla Afang Soup + Boiled Yam Noodles vegetable stir fry (Indomie or other brands) -meat optional
Wednesday Pancakes with a selection of fruit + honey or maple syrup Beans  + sweet corn porridge Dodo and eggs (scrambled with a selection of chopped vegetables)
Thursday Tuna and crabmeat sandwiches Rice and Stew (buka stew or Don Jazzy stew) Grilled Chicken + vegetable salad
Friday Fruit Salad + low fat yoghurt Ogbono soup + amala/garri Lasagne
Saturday Boled yam or lightly toasted bread and fried eggs Bitterleaf soup + pounded yam Curried Chicken or curried goat + basmati rice


This table above is my definition of a properly arranged and balanced food menu for the week. If you have observed, what is put for breakfast is always light and something to warm you up for the day, which is exactly what you need in the morning, to be refreshed.

The lunch options are meals that would give you the strength to go through the day with vigour, and would also get digested during your different activities. The meals for dinner are also light, so they can easily digest before you go to bed at night, so you don’t end up with a bloated tummy.

nigerian food menu

Search through the blog, you would find the different recipes on how to make most of these dishes on the food timetable. Just search for what exactly you are looking for on the search bar on the blog, and you would be led straight to it.

I hope that so many of you benefit from this, because I have taken my time coupled with plenty of love, to come up with this Nigeria food menu options.

Do well to like and share our contents with your friends and loved ones. See you next time. XOXO

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