Nigerian Food

How to make Tom brown

Welcome, everyone. Today’s post is on how to make Tom brown. You might be wondering, what is tom brown, is that not the name of a popular person. Do not worry, by the end of this post, you will know what it is and why you need to add it to your food menu at […]

Nigerian Soups

How to make groundnut soup

Am so excited!!!. Today, we will be learning how to make the famous groundnut soup also called peanut soup. This soup is an important part of the African cuisine, it is also eaten in the United States( Virginia), East Asia ( Taiwan) and other parts of the world.  In Ghana, it is eaten with banku […]


Health Benefits of Groundnut

Hi, welcome again, I’d like to share with you today, some great health benefits of groundnut, it is popularly known as peanut, monkey nut or goober. It belongs to the legume crops and taxonomically categorized as Arachis hypogea. It can be classified as a grain legume and also as oil crop because of its high […]